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Concentrated Air Freshener with Odure Control
Long-lasting and highly perfumed concentrate that can be diluted to suit the amount odour control needed.
  • Long lasting fragrance that mask malodours and freshens the air
  • Concentrated - cuts down on packaging
  • Highly dilutable - a little goes a long way
  • Aqueous and used from a trigger spray –low VOC
  • Dispense from trigger or pump-up spray or fogging machine
Appearance Clear, mobile liquid
Viscosity Slightly viscous
Colour Yellow/brown
SG 1.010
pH 7.0 to 8.0
Perfume Floral

How to use.
Simply add to water.
1:25 (4% v/v) for heavy duty odour control
up to:
1:100 (1%v/v) for light duty air-freshening
Decant the appropriate dilution into the spray or fogging machine and spray into the air in as fine a mist as possible.

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