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Eurowash 1000®

Rolling Stock and Vehicle Cleaner
High performance alkaline detergent cleaner formulated to remove traffic film, brake dust, dirt, grease and other similar soil from the bodywork of rail carriages. It is highly effective for both use in Automatic Brush Washes and for manual exterior cleaning.

  • High dilution rates (1% for normal soiling) – very economical
  • Dilute pH of less than 10 - effluent can be immediately
  • discharged into sewer mains
  • Moderate foaming - quick and easy rinsing
  • Sequestrants control lime scale and iron stains
  • Anti-static agent to leave sheen and reduce dirt build-up
  • Non-hazardous according to EU regulation
  • Uses biodegradable raw materials
  • Does not contain NTA, EDTA or HEDTA
  • Passed industry's corrosion assessment - suitable for use on most metals
  • Passed industry's surface compatibility assessment safe on painted and plastic surfaces
  • LUL Stores Catalogue Part Number - approved for use by LUL
Appearance Clear, mobile liquid
Colour Straw
Odour Eucalyptus
S.G. 1.03
pH 9.7
Foam Height 10 ml (1% dilution)
Surfactant Type Non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric
Builders Organic complexing agents

Dilution and method of Eurowash® 1000
For light soil use at 0.5% (1:200), normal soil, 1% (1:100), heavy soil 2% (1:50).

Automatic Brush Wash
Ensure that the dosing pump has been calibrated for dilution at the appropriate rate. Carry out cleaning as specified by the brush wash manufacturer.

Pressure Washer
Using a low pressure, apply the appropriate dilution. Start from the lower sections and work up towards the roof. If necessary, agitate the surface with a soft brush to loosen tenacious soiling matter. Rinse off using a high pressure working down from the roof.

By Hand
Dilute Eurowash® 1000 to the appropriate level. Apply the diluted product with a soft brush, start from the lower sections and work up. Let the solution dwell for a few minutes then agitate the surface, work up systematically from the lower sections. Rinse off with clean water, working from above down towards the lower sections.

Product Endorsements
  • Complies with rail protocol as tested by: 4 Rail Services Ltd
  • Eurowash® 1000 has been assessed as “suitable for its proposed application within the rail industry” by Graham Tomlinson of GTECH Strategies Limited. Report Number: CM/001Date: 23/12/97. The following comments, relating to the results of an independent trial of Eurowash® 1000 at a London Underground Depot, have been taken from the report: “The trial of Eurowash® 1000 via the automatic brush wash machine was very successful. The product demonstrated a marked improvement over other traffic film removal products that had previously been observed in use at this, and other, depots.
The primary benefits were:
  • Speed and thoroughness of traffic film removal.
  • The low foam characteristics of the product rendering it more compatible and convenient for use with the vigorously agitating brushes of the automatic wash plant.
  • The exceptional rinsability characteristics of the product. The clean, bright finish that was left on the surface.”
Eurowash® 1000 has passed a surface compatibility assessment by Graham Tomlinson of GTECH Strategies Limited. It will not damage paintwork when used as directed.
Report Number: CM/002 Date: 9/12/98

Eurowash® 1000 has passed the Scientifics Ltd Corrosion Specification for alkaline exterior carriage cleaning chemicals.
Report Number: SD/P/39415-01 Date: 13/07/99

Eurowash® 1000 has been approved for use by the London Underground. LUL Stores Catalogue Part Number: 17812-161 Form No: CQF4014 Issue No: 1 Date: 08/03

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